The Adventure Of The Second Stain, Or: Quiddled It But Good

The Baker Street Bois are called upon to find a letter that has the power to break the world as they know it! Which one was it?! Was it G? WE NEVER TRUSTED G, IT COULD BE KEEPING ANYTHING UNDER THAT LITTLE SHELF. Also a shoutout to a legitimate publication whose good graces we have SOMEHOW lucked into, Nick demonstrates the process by which capitalism drives the translation of everything creative and unique about a person into sweet lucre, and Casey never finishes telling us what he learned about Bees.

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The Detective Soup of the Week is: Lentil Lestrade

The Final Podblem: Holmes and Watson Or: Now THAT's What I Call Romantic Autopsy Music

Due to ties of blood that appear to be unbreakable despite our legal team's best efforts, we were bound this week to watch 2018's Holmes & Watson. THRILL as we attempt to figure out how many scripts it was cobbled together from! CHILL as we try to scrape together as many complimentary things to say about it as we can, such as "not as racist as it could be", "a tight 90 minutes" and "a movie"! SPILL as you realize your nearby beverage wasn't as securely positioned as you thought and now your leg is covered in SoBe, and soon the ants will come!

Free link to this week's movie: Honestly we have one, but even 'free' is too expensive for this, trust us.

The Detective Soup Of The Week Is: Breaking And Entering Borscht

The Final Podblem: The Sussex Vampire, Or: Prime Howlin'-Time

Holmes and Watson meet with a challenge that they have no choice but to admit they aren't qualified for: salvaging an 8-page story where dogs get names but women don't. Also, the boys discuss small Belgian dog and large lycanthropes with peer-pressure issues; we realize that's three separate dogs, which is a lot for one episode description, but we worked with what we were given.

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The Detective Soup of the Week is: Nosferatu Gnocchi

The Final Podblem: The Adventure Of The Dancing Men, Or: Now I'm Bones Again

ATTACK OF THE BOOGIEMEN! Holmes and Watson investigate a plague of wee guys going ooga-chaka, Nick rates the punchability of the people who were in the theatre when he saw the Downton Abbey movie, the shocking secret origins of Casey's love for codes is revealed and we finally manage to go an entire episode without inventing a new animal mascot, mainly because we're joined by Nick's cat Strider.

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The Final Podblem: The Adventure of the Priory School, Or: Cartography For Fun And JUSTICE

A child is stolen, a german is dead, a man who sounds like someone Casey would make up needs a cookie, rich people have ridiculous problems, we learn even more about bicycles and the surprising origins of a popular Energy Potion, and wait, did we invent ANOTHER animal mascot? How does this keep happening? WE CAN'T AFFORD THE WARDROBE FOR THESE FANCY FURRY AND FEATHERY FRIENDS.

The Detective Soup of the Week is: Grievous Bodily Harm Gazpacho

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