Giveaway -- June 2019


This is Blip. Shannon made him.

Friend of the Show Shannon Hay is working with us on a giveaway, to celebrate our ENORMOUS listener growth since we started The Ironside Chronicle!

Find more of her at:

Details: If you send an email to with subject line “June Giveaway 2019” to enter to win a beautiful, custom commission from illustrator and friend of the show Shannon Hay, delivered digitally and as a full color print for framing and/or hanging!


Live Episode Premiers

Hey all our buddies, special announcement time! We’re about to start doing live episode premiers, followed by a short Q&A, every Thursday night on our Twitch channel at 8pm Pacific Time (that’s the timezone on the North American West Coast, google it, figure out what that time means to you). Join us this week for the public premier of Dive & Virtue: The Ironside Chronicle Episode 04 — Fort Stormstride!

In addition, I’ll be hosting a live broadcast of the first three episodes this Thursday, April 25th around 1pm, on that same Twitch channel! Come hang out, bring a buddy, we’ll all have a good time!

You can find us on Patreon and Discord

Semiautomagic, Inc - Episode 30 - King Oberon's Court

When Rowan, Fiona, and Solomon materialize in King Oberon's demesne, things start to get a little out of hand. The group mingles with a bunch of Faeristocrats, offers redemption to them that seek it, and ultimately, begin the final show down with King Oberon himself.

Semiautomagic Inc - Episode 28 - The Last Temptations

The Mega Man Boss Rush prophesied has arrived! Solomon's inversion matrix, meant to turn the Throne of Mists in upon itself, finally comes together, and the blow-back rips open some really bad news for the team. Rowan and his boyfriend Xavier Tangleforth V run off to the town lumber mill, Fiona and her girlfriend Peroa Dahlma head over to the cemetery, leaving Solomon and Wake Wagner to dredge the forest.