Archives and More

Hey everybody, Dylan here! Just wanted to post a quick update to let you know how you can find our shows easily and without terrible difficulty.

First thing's first, we have a new archive page! There's a link in the top nav-bar, and the page can be found at! This makes it way easier to find our backlog of episodes. Someday, when we have too many episodes of something that scrolling the page becomes bothersome, we'll figure out some other solution, but for now, all of our stuff is directly linked there. Clicking on any of the links leads directly to the .mp3 for the episode you want to download. This has been done for convenience, since the posts containing each episode are just an in-browser player, and a short description of the episode.

Next, I'd like to take a minute to talk about how we get our show to you, the listener! Mostly, this is done through iTunes. If you get our show through iTunes, we're changing things a little, but you needn't worry! Right now, we have one podcast feed going to iTunes. If you're subscribed to that, you can look forward to having everything we do, that's both Semiautomagic, Inc and Dice & Virtue (along with any future projects), going straight to that feed. Soon, we should also have individual feeds on the service, so if you want to subscribe to only one show or the other, you can do that! Those should be available in a couple of weeks at the latest, and you can find them by searching the name of the show you're looking for.

If you don't use iTunes, we've got you covered! Over on the Archive page, there's links to the RSS feeds for each show individually, as well as an all-encompassing RSS Feed link in the top navigation bar! Just throw whichever link(s) you'd like into your favorite Podcatcher, and you'll receive your regularly scheduled entertainment of choice.

Thanks for listening, everyone!