Episode 01 - Yelling in a Church

Semiautomagic, Inc is on a break this week, due to unforeseen circumstances, so we've got this special treat for you all! We're premiering our new Dungeons and Dragons podcast, Dice and Virtue!

Following where the special episode Semiautomagic GAIDEN left off, Dice and Virtue follows the adventures of a Last-of-Her-Kind Paladin trying to find salvation for her ancestors. Joining her in this quest, the Druidic bearer of The Book of Forlorn Blood. The pair of them journey forth along a path of knowledge that will shake the foundations of the world they inhabit. One problem, though: They're both idiots.

Enjoy our inaugural episode of Dice & Virtue, and check back every Friday, starting August 19th, for more! These episodes will appear in your RSS Feed as they're posted, but if you want to subscribe to only one show or the other, we'll have more information on how to do that in a coming post.

Thank you all for listening, and Semiautomagic, Inc will be back again on August 22nd!