Episode 28 - The Last Temptations

The Mega Man Boss Rush prophesied has arrived! Solomon's inversion matrix, meant to turn the Throne of Mists in upon itself, finally comes together, and the blow-back rips open some really bad news for the team. Rowan and his boyfriend Xavier Tangleforth V run off to the town lumber mill, Fiona and her girlfriend Peroa Dahlma head over to the cemetery, leaving Solomon and Wake Wagner to dredge the forest.

Episode 19 - Walking PTSD

The task force spreads out to sweep the grounds of Clackimus Middle School. Rowan dopes up, Fiona follows her instincts, and Solomon rummages through files, until they are beset by the sinister agents of The Huntress. Find out whether they survive, this week on Semiautomagic, Inc!

Episode 10 - Sesame Street

The Magic Gestapo, eerily reminiscent of a certain pair of FBI agents, arrive on the scene at the Portland Museum of Weird History to bring Rowan and Fiona in for questioning. What they all encounter instead has everyone shocked. No one could see this coming. Especially not the hapless wizard whose fault it may or may not be. He had other things going on, okay?!

Episode 08 - Altozephyr

Semiautomagic, Inc is back again this week, with an episode largely devoted to the mystery of Altozephyr, the persona non grata what had enthralled the young Preston boy. Rowan and Fiona pay a visit to the Museum of Weird History, wherein everyone's favorite German-accented curator has uncovered part of our saxophone-based mystery. Things start going bad for Solomon anytime someone mentions the name Altozephyr.

Altozephyr's a meanie.

*Special Note: We're late with this release due to technical difficulty. Because of these events, I've opted to get the episode out there in a mostly-uncut capacity, rather than delay the release any further. I apologize, and will do better next time, lest the beatings continue. -DS

Episode 05 - Wherein a Plan is Hatched

After a lengthy hiatus, we return with a very special episode that has seen hellfire, been rescued from the abyss itself, and has finally made its way to you, the listener! We're not quite back to our regularly scheduled broadcaster (and more on that soon), but this has been in the can for months, so it's finally made its way to the light of day.

Episode 02 - Trouble in Magic Beans

Hey there everybody! Check it out, the second episode of Semiautomagic, Inc is here!

This week, we meet our intrepid heroes on a regular day at Magic Beans, Landportlandia's coffee house for the magically inclined. Adventure abounds when the party discovers an ominous sticky note and uncovers some less-than-welcomed guests.